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Go the F**k to Sleep

So in general I don’t swear that much in my blogs or social media posts, not sure why as I swear like a trooper outwith the blogging world haha!!!  I have to say this is one time when I could swear, why won’t you…


Pregnancy Update…Week 29

Well its been some time since I wrote an update on here about the journey of pregnancy, in fact it was week 21 so yes some time!!!  Since then we’ve had 2 more scans and due another at week 32.  We are now over…


The Man from Uncle

So in August my brother came to visit, a surprise for our parents really but it was a chance for him to spend time with Sophia. He and his wife live in Perth Australia and have done for pretty much the last 10 years.…


Nervous Daddy

As I sit here fast approaching 25 weeks gone, this 2nd bundle of joy will be here and we’ll be a family of 4. There is a realisation that my 1st baby is no longer a baby and this toddler is going to face…


Bump Across the Nation

As I go through this journey of fatherhood with all the other dads out there I noticed something quite amusing last weekend, something that I think is happening all the time, all around us, I’d just never noticed before!!  The man gut!!! The belly!!…