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2017 Blogging Goals

Well we’re almost at May and I’ve achieved very little when it comes to blogging goals!! If anything I have hit the reverse gear!! I had great plans in mind for 2017, I was going to blog more, grow my followers, dip my toe…


The Big Build Up

We’re nearly 2 weeks post birth and I am struggling to find time to blog, I don’t know how these other bloggers manage, they are my heros, their commitment and dedication is great to see and I wish I was more like them. However…


Review: Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow

Being a man I can never appreciate how bad it can be when pregnant, Mrs D can vouch!!  There are always aches and pains and as the bump grows it starts to take its toll, usually but not always sore hips are a big…


20 Week Scan…..what of the haematoma

It’s a normal day, nothing different, its the run of the midweek day at work!!  We do however have the 20 week scan, a trip to the hospital where, yes there is a lot of waiting around, we get to see player 2 and…


Dad Life…..

Pregnancy is a funny thing, it affects different people in different ways for both the mum and dad to be.  Whether its your first child or your 6th its always a new scenario and situation you find yourself in.  It was until now I’ve…