Dodo…his bark is worse than his bite!!

I have often thought about our dog Tj or Dodo has he’s referred to by Sophia for many reasons, the way he was our first baby, the way he has fitted into family life with Sophia coming along, the fact he’s no longer number…


21 Week Scan and the journey ahead!

So we were back again this week, to get the heart checked as baby wasn’t sitting still for long enough last time plus the arms were creating a shadow!! I feel I’m getting somewhat familiar with our hospital now, today was our 4th scan…


20 Week Scan…..what of the haematoma

It’s a normal day, nothing different, its the run of the midweek day at work!!  We do however have the 20 week scan, a trip to the hospital where, yes there is a lot of waiting around, we get to see player 2 and…


Where’s the baby…..

As we enter our 21st week of pregnancy Mrs D is starting to show more and we are trying to involve Sophia a bit more.  At 21 months I’m not sure how much she fully understands what’s going on, however we’ve decided its good…


Dad Life…..

Pregnancy is a funny thing, it affects different people in different ways for both the mum and dad to be.  Whether its your first child or your 6th its always a new scenario and situation you find yourself in.  It was until now I’ve…