2018 – Review


While we roll into 2019 and as the Christmas decorations come down I thought I’d take some time to review 2018.  Not just from a blogging point of view but as a dad, a family and generally life as a whole.

I’d say on the whole 2018 was a bit of a mixed bag, I’m sure most people can say that though.  We’ve had a few bumps in the road, I do think its more how you deal with it and the aftermath of the event that makes the difference.  When I think about the things I’ve done certain things come to mind quite easily other things not so much.  In fact I’m sitting here on the computer typing this whilst scrolling through my photos on my phone to remind me of all the things that have happened in 2018.  A sign of the times I guess, technology is a wonderful thing, it helps capture all the special moments in your life.  I know there are lots of negatives of always being glued to a screen but there benefits too. I’ve listed a few of the ups and downs from 2018 below:


  1. Shared the new year (17/18) with my brother and his wife being here from Australia
  2. Playing with the kids in the snow
  3. Getting my first ever tattoo
  4. Watching Scotland in the 6 Nations
  5. Getting a new family car
  6. Seeing “Nashville” live
  7. Growing our own vegetables for the first time
  8. Travelling to Norway and Azerbaijan with work
  9. Celebrating Grandpas 70th Birthday
  10. Family holiday to Loch Ness
  11. Annual golf trip with the lads
  12. Seeing Kylie for the first time
  13. Doing Movember
  14. Being Accepted to do the London Marathon 2019
  15. Seeing Sophia perform in her first nursery nativity
  16. Hosting Christmas Day for the first time


  1. Saying goodbye to my brother and his wife when the left to go home to Australia
  2. Family losses
  3. Hurting my back in the summer and not being able to run for a few weeks
  4. My mum having an operation and it not going to plan
  5. Not blogging as much as I’d like
  6. Not blogging anything
  7. My dad getting taken to hospital
  8. Having issues with my knee while trying to train for the marathon
  9. Not seeing my friends as often as I’d like

I’m looking at the list and I’m thinking life is not too bad.  There’s things I can improve on and other things that are just part of life.  Would I like to blog/vlog more, yes I would, I need to get my confidence up when it comes to vlogging and I need to make more time to blog.  I do this as I actually enjoy it and in a way I find it quite therapeutic.  I’ve never made any money from this and as I say I enjoy doing it and its good getting things down on paper.

So as we come to the end of February 2019 already I wonder what this year holds for us.  Well I turn the big 40 this year so I’m sure we’ll be celebrating that, well we are as we’re going to Australia.  We are away to Oz for a month and we leave in February, its very exciting for us all.  Karen and I have been a few times to see my brother and his wife but this is the first time  we’ll have been with the kids.  We can’t wait show them where their uncle and auntie live and a different country, environment and way of living.  Only downside is the 24 hour journey there!!!  I’m sure it’ll be fine.

The other big event this year is our little girl starting school, can’t believe August 2019 will see Sophia street school.  Where has the time gone?  How is she growing up so fast?  Is it just me or does time just fly once you’ve got kids?

So as I finish writing this we are coming to 3 more sleeps before our big trip to Oz!!  I would say its a trip of a lifetime but given my brother lives over there I know we’ll go again.  However this the biggest trip so far and will be the biggest trip for a while I’d think.  With Sophia starting school in August and Oscar starting nursery in January 2020 it restricts when we can go on holiday.

So now we’re in 2019 I’ve forgotten about 2018, we’re rolling in the present right now.  Got to enjoy the moment you’re in I think and being only February we’ve had some special moments already.

I might achieve some of my personal goals and I might not, but what I won’t do is get too hung up on it.  I don’t make any money out of blogging and I do it to share my experiences and a way of keeping a virtual diary.  So with that all being said here’s to 2019!!!!


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