Keeping my balls in the air!!


I need to get down to the circus and perfect my juggling skills!!

It’s been a year since I wrote my last post, a year………I just can’t believe it. Where has the time gone? What have I been doing? It just scares me how quickly time is going. People always said time would go quicker once you have kids and it’s true. Now we’ve got 2 darlings it’s going even quicker.

I knew I hadn’t written for a while and I was well over a due a post but I’m shocked to see it’s been so long. I see so many bloggers posting once a week, maybe more, and I think to myself how the hell do they do that!!

I find between trying to exercise, going to work and parenting when I get home it’s so hard to find the time. I get about an hour to myself on the sofa before I think about preparing for the next day and getting myself to bed. I could use that time to write a blog, try a vlog, update my page, read some other blogs, the list is endless really but you know what. I honestly just want to sit and not have a thought, just disappear into my own little world and forget about everything.

I find having that bit of time where you literally sit and don’t have a bought is awesome. I’ve found myself, as I become older, stressing about things more. Whether that’s finances, my kids and everything they need or might want, my wife and if she’s happy, my family. I mean I’m not constantly thinking about it all and freaking out. Just occasionally I’ll get obsessed with 1 thing, let’s say finances, it might be a month where things are tight, I’ll find myself having a couple of sleepless nights. I would never have done that before, a sign of being a parent? I sign of getting older? I sign I’m just a weirdo? Who knows but Ive digressed. The small window of time at night is my own and I just enjoy having it to do nothing.

So once again, I say, how do they do it? How do parent bloggers do it? I guess I’m maybe not as dedicated. Maybe not as organised. Maybe I don’t get my priorities right. Maybe I’m just me and that’s it. I like me. Do I wish I did a bit more, sure I do, would love to blog more, would love to take more photos, would like to start vlogging, would love to be 12 stone but hey, can’t have everything in life……right?

What I can say, I love my kids, I love writing about it when I can. I love taking photos of them. I love Instagram and I love looking at other blogs and vlogs. Does that make me a blogger, probably not, an I ok with that? Yes I am. Have a I met and come across some great people for the little bit that I do do? You bet I have.

So in summary, I’d love to do more but if I don’t, it’s ok. The people that follow seem to like what I do and if I make a little difference then great.

You know why I put this photo in this blog? To remind me not to take myself too seriously, to remind me there’s more to life than stress and over complicating things. To live for the moment and enjoy your life! (wow, this is cheesy, haha) but it’s true. I think we all need to remember what’s important in life. It’s flying past at 100mph, stop and enjoy it once in a while.

Speak soon you crazy lot!!!!


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