2017 Blogging Goals


Well we’re almost at May and I’ve achieved very little when it comes to blogging goals!! If anything I have hit the reverse gear!!

I had great plans in mind for 2017, I was going to blog more, grow my followers, dip my toe into the vlogging world and just generally have fun with DadLifeKids. In reality I’ve blogged less, organically grown followers, dipped a 1/4 of a toe nail into the vlogging world but definitely had fun with DadLifeKids. So it’s going ok, it could be better but it could be worse. I think one of the main things I’ve realised over time is as long as you’re having fun with your blog and social media outlets then nothing else matters. Does it matter that you’ve got 1000000 billion billion followers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and you’re top of the charts in any of the parenting ranking systems? No. The short answer is no. If that’s the most important thing to you then you’re doing it for the wrong reasons my friend. 

I’ve found Facebook a real ball ache in terms of followers but you know what, that’s ok. I’m enjoying using it as calendar of events and keep track of what happened when. Just posting things and hoping the followers I do have enjoy it.

Twitter, well I try my best, that’s all I can say. I find I link my Instagram so I don’t actually tweet directly as much as I should. I try to get involved in chats but yet to join in with a linky. I did go live the other day which was fun. Mainly showing Sophia splashing in the pool as we’re on holiday and I thought I’d give it a go. 

Instagram, by far and away my favourite!! I don’t have a huge amount of followers but I find I get the best interaction there. Whether a follower or followee everyone at least takes the time to like your picture and there’s always comments back and forth. The big thing I like is the fact I can post my photos, I love showing the kids off on insta, and you can follow up with a short comment and your done. Possibly this could be looked upon as lazy, an easy way out to call yourself a blogger. I disagree, I find it a way to keep my feet in the water, when I don’t have time to put a blog together I can post photos and see what everyone else is up to. A happy medium I’d say. 

I’ve neglected my blog lately, do I feel bad, yes, but then am I enjoying my time with my family, yes. There’s a happy medium somewhere right? There’s many a thing I’d like to blog about but time is precious at the moment. I literally get up at 5am go to work and get home at 5.30, I don’t sit down until 8.30, by which time I’m too tired to even think about blogging. I have around an hour sitting on my arse when I decide enough is enough and head to bed. Groundhog Day then begins over again. I guess I could blog during my time on the couch but I don’t think I’d produce my best work if I’m honest. If I’m tired I just don’t concentrate properly. 

So what does the rest of 2017 hold, well, if you bear with me you’ll see. I will try harder with the blog, I’ll post more on Instagram and Facebook, I’ll tweet and I’ll give a vlog a go.  There’s much to write about so content won’t be an issue!!

I like what I do, I’m a tiny fish in a gigantic pond but I’m happy with my little lot.

Keep your eyes open for me!! 

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