The Big Build Up


We’re nearly 2 weeks post birth and I am struggling to find time to blog, I don’t know how these other bloggers manage, they are my heros, their commitment and dedication is great to see and I wish I was more like them.

However this blog is not about that, its about me, Mrs D, Sophia, Player 2 and the week leading up to go time!!  Mrs D was booked in for an induction on the Friday and I was due to work the whole week, after Monday and Tuesday I’d decided I’d like to take the Thursday and Friday off as I wanted to spend 1 day with Mrs D just the 2 of us before the arrival, Sophia goes to nursery on a Thursday so this fitted in well.  The plan was to go into Aberdeen, we’d drop Sophia at Nursery then head into town and have a day together.  I let Mrs D call the shots, if she was happy then so was I.


Snow when we left the house, it was going to be a cold one.  First stop was coffee at a local coffee shop that’s very popular in the west end of Aberdeen.


After that a trip into the shops, pick up some bits and bobs for baby, and for ourselves. Then lunch, again Mrs D got choose! She had a real hankering for some TGI’s Jack Daniels prawns!! We’ve not been to a TGI’s in years but if that’s what the lady wants that’s what the lady will have!!! Was actually rather tasty and a nice change, I was loving the free refills on the Pepsi.

After lunch we had a couple of mundane errands to run but a necessary evil when you’ve got a day off work and time to do it!! The day actually seemed to fly by and it was time to pick up our gorgeous girl from nursery before we knew it.

Although this was a day of little plans and mostly spent wondering the shops it was a day well spent together. I can’t for the life of me remember the last time we had a random day off and spent it together just the 2 of us. We did talk about the cinema but then it defeats the purpose a little if you have to sit in a dark room and not talk to each other haha!! (Mrs D might’ve preferred that to me rambling on) There’s something to be said for taking time out and having a random day together. We’re the type of couple who try to have a regular date night although that’s fallen by the wayside a little lately bit this was a bit different. Date night is usually some nice food out and then to bed early for sleep (I know what you were thinking) This was time together during the day, some grownup conversation without the interruption of a toddler.

Whether you’re pregnant, already have children or even just a couple, take the time to enjoy each other. Take a random day off work and do something, make the effort for a date night or whatever takes your interest. I think it makes you a stronger couple, all too often we slip in to a routine, mundane and boring, we’ve all been there.

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