Week 38 Update


So last Friday was week 38 for us and another visit to the hospital!  There is something quite comforting about this ritual now, I am also missing the weeks we don’t go.  Perhaps a sign that these visits need to come to an end and we close this chapter on the pregnancy journey.  This week was like any other previous visit, its the scan first, upstairs, urine test, and then wait for the consultant.  The only thing we were sure about was whether they’d measure the baby, although this was a date set by the hospital we’d been told there needs to be at least a 3 week gap between measurements otherwise they wouldn’t do it, we were sitting at 2 weeks.

The hospital today was running on time…ish…as good as it gets for the hospital.  The scan went fine, baby was measuring within the normal scale if not on the top end, the head was facing down and the right way, and all organs functioning as they should.  Even for me the worst at actually being able to see what I’m looking at, its all grey and white to me.  I can get the face usually but after that I’m lost, was the how little room there was.  All those pockets of space and fluid had gone, just a couple of very small pockets.  Certainly showing the 38 weeks it was, it must be ready to come out soon!!!  This baby just seems so much bigger to me than Sophia was but 2 years is a lifetime ago when you have a kid and I barely remember yesterday so I’m sure Sophia looked just the same.  However all in all, everything was fine with the scan so we’re heading upstairs.

Upstairs, the corridor of boredom!!!  I’m being picky I know, I’m not looking for a stage performance of Grease (although now I’ve typed it I think that would be quite awesome, hahaha) I just find the quiet a bit unnerving and the half working telly with some terrible day time programme to be unfulfilling in the wait to see the consultant.  I guess the theory is we shouldn’t be sitting there for too long so we don’t need to be entertained, however on occasion you can be there for an hour or so and while I’m not complaining like I’ve said before, I salute the staff, I just would like a little something extra to whittle away the minutes rather than clock watching. (Perhaps this is something I can think about and put on the suggestion board at some point)

On this day we didn’t have to wait too long and we were taken, it was a midwife we saw, I believe it was a senior midwife.  In some ways I think this was better as these are the people on the frontline and understand what it is for mothers to give birth.  Their experience is invaluable and when discussing cases they will have a better idea of what is required for each every mother.  The usual was discussed, ‘how are you feeling?’ ‘the baby is showing fine’ ‘anything you want to discuss?’  The main point of conversation was what happens next!!  We didn’t have another appointment so what happens.  The midwife was good and she said that Karen should get a sweep at the beginning of week 40 and then we should be booked in for induction if nothing happens.  Aware of Karen’s previous birth and discussions earlier in the pregnancy it was agreed that the induction should happen on week 40 and not go any longer.  After a phone call the midwife came back and said you are booked in for an induction on your due date!!!!!  Wow this shit just got real!!!

I was so please it was working out like this, in fact we bother were.  Karen was getting uncomfortable as you do when at week 38 and we were both very aware of what happened last time and eager to avoid going over the due date.  Given the baby is growing large anyway, is there a need to leave us any longer?  I don’t think so, I know what I think doesn’t count for anything but I care about my wife and what I had to watch and endure last time wasn’t pleasant and I want Mrs D to try and enjoy the birth this time round.  Last time was possibly one of the toughest days of my life, an emotional roller coaster and all in all a day of mixed emotions.  Mrs D doesn’t remember the last time as she’d passed out so for her sake I’d like this to be a bit better.  Even after birth we were in hospital for the first 9 days so really it was tough start to parenthood!!!  I hope this time round can be a better experience for all involved.

We don’t have another appointment so this will be my last blog on the pregnancy journey!!!  I am hoping to start a little vlogging and hope to have a few videos up, pregnancy journey related!!!  I have loved blogging about our journey and I am looking forward to blogging about the birthing journey and the journey after not to mention whats going on with Sophia and her becoming a big sister!!!!

Just want to take this moment to thank everyone who reads these blogs its very much appreciated and I look forward to your continued support!!!


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