Surprise Week 37 Update


So we hit the 37 week mark on Friday and the big day is getting closer day by day. In fact we’re now on high alert as could be any day now.

Now we were scheduled for week 36 and then week 38, however Friday bought a small twist. When you get a missed call on your mobile from your 37 week pregnant wife you do panic a little bit, especially when it’s followed up with an email which starts ‘don’t panic but’!! Ok so I tried calling back and no answer, more panic setting in!!! I finally got hold Mrs D, so she hadn’t felt movements from Player 2 and had called the hospital, she was told to go up to the hospital. She’d had some sweets, cold fizzy drinks etc which usually gets baby bouncing all over the place but there had been no response. Now Mrs D wasn’t going to tell me but thought she’d better!! (You can imagine my response to that) So anyway I picked her up and headed to the hospital.

Mrs D was shown to a bed in the ward and was asked to give a urine sample, then hooked up to the baby monitor (you know the one, measures the heart beat and the contractions, blue and pink belts)  So she had to stay on the for at least 30 mins and we would also need to go for a scan.  Well as soon as we’re there, hooked up to the machines the baby decides to start a newly rehearsed gymnastics routine!!!!  Typical isn’t it!!!! We’ve started so we’ll need to finish.  As Mrs D lay in bed we got told we could get a scan that day and the time would be 3.30, great but we were there at 12.30, to be fair though by the time we had the monitor taken off etc it was after 1.30.  We hadn’t had lunch so we grabbed a bite to eat and Mrs D decided she’d like to go back to work to tidy her desk.  This was her last day at work before maternity leave hahaha!!!!  We did that and returned in time for the scan at 3.30, because we were a late call we were bottom of the list so was after 4pm before we were seen.  Was a quick check to make sure the cord had fluid pumping through it and the organs were functioning as they should, all fine, we feel a little more relieved even though we thought that would be the case.

So at the end of the day all was fine and we’re not sure what caused the reduced movement but the baby has been moving around fine since.  I think it’s great the care we received, there was no hesitation, got Mrs D up there and did all the checks.  I know people have their opinions on the NHS and even more specifically the Aberdeen Maternity Hospital, and while I think the building is super dated and needs knocked down and rebuilt, you can’t beat the staff.  Nothing ever seems to be an issue and they do everything they can to help you, even when short staffed and rushed of their feet.

Next steps are midwife on Monday for Mrs D and then hospital on Friday (week 38) for scan and meeting with the consultant.  After that we’ve nothing booked so I guess there will be a discussion next Friday.  So I’m back on standby and waiting for our bump to greet us.

I’ll update you after our next visit unless we go before then!!!!!!!

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