Week 36….update


So here we are, 4 weeks to go and it’s our usual 4 weekly visit to the hospital. I think Mrs D and I were approaching this slightly differently, there was an air of trepidation. Was the baby still growing big? Was it still breech? What will happen next? Will there be a c-section? Will we need to go home and get our bags? There was a lot of questions. However on the flip side we both thought there may be a chance we get to told to come back and we’ll make a decision in week 38/39!!  We won’t know till we get there will we.

1 thing I need to commend the hospital on is their coffee, the shop is run by the WRVS and the ladies behind the counter are volunteers and they do a great job.  I don’t know what brand the coffee is but I’ve not had a bad cappuccino yet (touch wood)!!

So it was the usual routine, scan first and then upstairs to see the consultant.  I don’t want to keep covering the same ground with every visit but it really is the same every time.  The hospital were on fire on Friday though, very much on time and even slightly early!!  Which is good because when we walked in there there were loads of expecting parents and I thought great, going to be here forever today!!  However straight through for the scan.  Spoilt this very day too with new machinery, the hospital had upgraded some of the scan machines and this thing was awesome!!!  Just looking at the photo below it amazes me now!!!


So we got the scan and we were told, the measurements, while still on the big side, was now back within the acceptable scale!!  Yahoo, what a great thing to hear!!  The other great news was the baby was no longer breech and the head was down at the pelvis, for me that was probably the best news of the day.  It had played a lot on my mind this week, not sure why really but it has and I felt a sense of relief.  Within the scale will do us, we did look at each other and said, ” we’ll not have a decision today then” It also put a lot of our questions to bed before we need to ask them. Ok, upstairs to give the obligatory urine sample and then the wait for the consultant.  The urine did show a little protein but the blood pressure was spot on. So we met with yet another consultant, but she was very nice and we reviewed everything as usual.  Mrs D mentioned the fact she had flashy lights in the eyes and swollen fingers and feet, all warnings of preeclampsia. The suggestion is to give blood and that will put that to bed.  As predicted the course of action is to return in 2 weeks for another scan.  At the end of the day the baby is within scale, sitting where it should and Karen’s blood pressure was perfect.  You cant argue with it really, the fact the baby may arrive even before those 2 weeks but yes its good to get checked.  These final weeks are flying past and the 2 weeks will be here before we know it.  No mention of c-section or early delivery so that was good too.  Mrs D wants nothing more than to go naturally and give a natural birth, I take my hat off considering our torrid time from Sophia’s birth.  I hope for her it goes the way she wants, however she has accepted its whats best for her and the baby.  Anyway, we go back out and give blood.  If we don’t hear by Monday/Tuesday then everything is fine and it’s back in 2 weeks.

It’s a funny situation to be in, we’re almost having a ‘normal’ pregnancy but yet there is the linger of danger and the birth plan to cope with the blood loss etc. which does cause a little etc stress. There is only 4 weeks to go so really it could happen at any moment, it’s just 1 day at time now.  My main role at present it trying to keep Mrs D as comfortable as possible, I can’t begin to imagine how she must feel, Mrs D, she needs to keep doing what she’s doing.  Its her final week at work, so the countdown is well and truly on.  The bags are packed, we ready to go!!!


So my next pregnancy update will be in 2 weeks time unless we go before then.  I’ve got a few other posts to write but struggling tto find the time so I can only apologise.  Keep checking and I’ll work hard to get it done.

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