Pregnancy Update…Week 29


Well its been some time since I wrote an update on here about the journey of pregnancy, in fact it was week 21 so yes some time!!!  Since then we’ve had 2 more scans and due another at week 32.  We are now over 30 weeks gone!!  Wow where does the time go.  Apologies for the lack of info on our journey.  I will condense the weeks, I promise.

I should add that each visit to the hospital entails a scan, a visit to the consultant and a urine sample.  The hospital is a creature of habit, we are given appointment times so…you get there you wait for the scan, behind schedule already, after the scan its onto the urine sample, actually goes quickly, then wait for a consultant, again its just a waiting game.  It’s not a well oiled machine but I’m not complaining, I think doctors, midwives, nurses and every other person that works at a hospital are over worked and underpaid.  Our maternity hospital is somewhat dated and resources are limited, I take my hat off to the staff and the tools they have to work with.IMG_5619

So the baby is growing well and is measuring bigger than the weeks would suggest, I’m not surprised though as Sophia was the same, we just seem to produce big babies!!!  All looking good on the scan, what impressed me is how far things have come on since 2014 even.  This time we’ve seen and heard the fluid pumping up and down the umbilical cord and same for the heart and ventricles.  Its amazing how technology develops, the things they can see and tell you, all the time I’m staring at a black and white screen trying to see my baby!!  I am so bad, its a bit like the episode of ‘Friends’ when Rachael is at the doctors and she can’t see the baby, if you’ve seen that episode then you’ll know exactly what I mean.  Its not that I cant see the baby when they have it on the full view but when they zoom in and are like ‘there’s the kidneys’  I’m like what??  Anyway, I digress, the scan was all good.  So then its upstairs to give blood, pee in a pot and see the consultant!!

Now Mrs D isn’t great with needles, she’s not scared but does have a tendency to faint afterwards!!  However this all went well, blood given successfully and all clear on the pee front!!  Now its time to meet the consultant.  (I should point out we’ve seen 2 consultants who have both said the same thing, comforting I guess) Waiting to be seen by the consultant is the most time consuming part of a visit to the hospital, however on this occasion the hospital was quieter than normal and time went quickly.  It’s one of these places where time slows down if nothing else, I don’t know about you but I find there isn’t much there to keep you occupied, I appreciate its not meant to be a ‘Starbucks’ where we can sit and drink coffee and chat and watch the world fly past but a broken telly in the corner with some music channel you’ve never heard pumping out tunes when the telly decides to work isn’t exactly brilliant.  Again not the point of being there I know, I want it all haha.

I have to say both consultants were very pleasant and I could tell they had actually taken the time to read Mrs D’s notes!!  (Mrs D lost nearly 4 litres of blood at the first birth) So for me it was all about what they were going to do for Karen and how they were going to plan for if/when the issue arises again.  Well my questions were answered.  The plan is to have Mrs D in theatre and before then hooked up with cannulas before we start.  That’s the big thing, last time the veins collapsed and they couldn’t get cannulas in to start pumping blood and everything else back in hence the big blood loss.  They have also suggested that we don’t go 2 weeks over this time either, they have said they probably wont let Mrs D go anymore than 5-7 days over.  Again I’m happy with this.  I am aware I keep saying I in this rather than we, however last time Mrs D passed out and doesn’t remember a thing and I had endure the ordeal and remember every bit as if time had been slowed down so I could soak it in and make sure I didn’t miss a thing!!  We are however both very happy with the plan and whats been decided.


So what next, well it’ll be another scan at weeks 32, 36 and 39, yup, 2 more scans!!!  I actually think it’s great that we’ve had so many, it shows they care, that we’re not just being left to go through this.  If you take in the 1st birth and the loss of blood at the beginning of this pregnancy I think it’s only right that they are checking baby and Karen on a regular basis to ensure everything is progressing as it should.  It scares me a little that there are only 3 scans and our second bundle of joy will be here!!!  We’re almost into single figures for the number of weeks left.  So much do to yet in the house and preparing Sophia’s new room.  It’ll get done and I’m feeling relatively relaxed at the moment!!!!  I’ll update you after the other scans, I’m sure they will be short and sweet but its nice to continue the journey right?

Have a great day everyone!!!


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