The Man from Uncle


So in August my brother came to visit, a surprise for our parents really but it was a chance for him to spend time with Sophia. He and his wife live in Perth Australia and have done for pretty much the last 10 years.  When they first moved over there it was hard to adjust, everyone, my mum and dad, Karen and myself, we all lived in close proximity of each other so this was a major change for us.  I know myself, I was hugely upset when they left and even now every time we say our goodbyes I find myself  crying (I am quite an emotional guy at the best of times).  We were last in Australia in November 2013 and shortly upon our return we fell pregnant with Sophia and my brother and his wife try to get over every second Christmas so I guess it was once a year we were seeing each other.

Once Sophia came along, we haven’t made it back to OZ, more financial more than anything, that and the length of journey with a 2 year.  Now we have Player 2 coming in November so I’m not sure when we’ll next be over.  So with that my brother was over at Christmas 2015 when Sophia was just over 1 year old and it was the first time Uncle Steve and Auntie Katy had met Sophia, I was so excited when I knew they were coming.  I was excited as I was now a father and was proud of my daughter and wanted to show her off to my brother, it was as simple as that.  My brother doesn’t have children, I should point this out. So when they came at Christmas it was good for them to spend time with Sophia but how much does a 1 year old register when meeting her relatives!!??  So after that I thought it would be Christmas 2017 before she meets them again by which point Player 2 will be with us.


However, as a surprise my brother decided to come and visit our folks, Auntie Katy didn’t have enough holidays to take to join him, it would only be just over a week he’d spend here but anytime with him was better than none.  We met him on the Sunday he got in, after that it would be Thursday night before we saw him again.  He spent the first few nights spending some quality time with my folks and then Thursday-Sunday they would all be coming to our house to spend some time with us.  The Sunday we met him, Sophia wasn’t sure, she said hi but always made sure we were near .  The good thing was she learnt his name very quickly and was soon shouting ‘Steve’ a lot!!!  I was optimistic that when they came to stay Sophia would warm to her Uncle Steve.  Thursday night we got home from work and nursery and the family were waiting for us, Sophia delighted to see Grandma and Pops and  Steve.  Friday would be the usual time with Grandma and Pops just including Uncle Steve while Mrs D and I went to work.  I was on my way to work when I got a text from my brother asking if he should go into Sophia’s room as he could hear noise, I advised if she was upset to go in and take milk with him.  Well the rest is history as they say, by the time grandma had got up Uncle Steve had changed a nappy, given her milk and they were sitting watching Frozen.  That night at bed time, it hugs and kisses for Uncle Steve, just like she does for everyone else, Sophia had found a new best friend!!!!  The rest of the weekend continued, the 2 of them spent a lot time together and Sophia was loving every minute of it just about as much as Uncle Steve appeared to be enjoying himself with her!!!

For me it showed me how important family is, the bond of family and how important it is for Sophia to see her Uncle and Auntie as much as possible (and I don’t mean Skype).  While we may not see them every day, weekend or month its important that Sophia and Player 2 knows who they are.  It was evident that in the short space of time Uncle Steve was here it was important she had time with him.  I think for Uncle Steve it was easier this time as Sophia was more interactive and could say and do more, as time goes on the bond will become even greater, nothing cooler than having The Man from Uncle!!!  I was very emotional when Uncle Steve left, sad to see him leave and sad he was leaving his niece behind.   I am however confident that this is a start of something special. So until next time……


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