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Being a man I can never appreciate how bad it can be when pregnant, Mrs D can vouch!!  There are always aches and pains and as the bump grows it starts to take its toll, usually but not always sore hips are a big thing.  During our first pregnancy Mrs D didn’t really suffer from this, it was only the last 2-3 weeks when she really felt it.  This second pregnancy however is taking its toll on Mrs D through all stages of pregnancy and pretty much from the get go the sore hips have been prominent.  Mrs D had some real restless night, every time she moved in bed she felt her hips.

There is nothing worse than a restless night when you’re pregnant, at the end of the day, when you’re pregnant you need your rest, Mrs D needs her sleep to struggle through the day so that’s when Dreamgenii came to the rescue!!  They offered to send us a pregnancy pillow to review, we were at the point where we’d give anything a go and I don’t think we’ve looked back.  Below is the review from both Mrs D and myself on the Dreamgenii.

Dreamgenii Review

The Product: IMG_5327

The Dreamgenii was developed by a mum for mums so there is the comfort in the knowledge this is designed with prior knowledge of whats actually needed.  It’s described as:

“The unique Dreamgenii design was created to help to support not only a pregnancy bump but also the back and knees – all of which are put under strain during pregnancy. As well as helping achieve a great nights sleep, the Dreamgenii moulds around the body so that it doesn’t take up all of the bed.”

I couldn’t fault Dreamgenii,we started by communciating through Twitter and soon after we had an email from Lianne who was more than helpful, and with a blink of an eye the pillow was on its way.  There was a slight delay with the postage but again Lianne kept us up to date with the progress.

Stockists include: John lewis, Mamas and Papas, Mothercare, Jo Jo Mama Bebe plus others.  You can also buy direct from their website.

Mummy’s Thoughts:

I was really looking forward to using the pillow to ease the pain in my hips from sleeping on my side (normally a tummy sleeper).  The design of the pillow takes a little bit of getting used to and as my bump still isn’t too big I’m not sure how much use the bump support will be.  I think I’ll find it more useful as I get bigger but I felt it got in the way a bit when I was turning from left to right side during the night.  This was only an issue for the first few nights though and now that I’m used to the bump and back support, they don’t tend to get in the way anymore.  The long section for putting between your legs is amazing and I definitely notice a difference in how sore my hips are if I don’t use the pillow one night.  If anything, the leg section could possibly be slightly more padded to give even more separation of the legs.  Overall, I don’t think I could live through the rest of this pregnancy without the pillow as it has given me so much relief from my aching hips already and will hopefully provide a comfy support for my ever growing bump.


Daddies Thoughts:

As the partner there’s not much you can do when you are watching your wife go through pain.  That and from a selfish point of view your sleep gets disrupted due to them moving about in bed moaning and groaning at the pain.  (that’s not a criticism on Mrs D)  So when the Dreamgenii came along I hoped for a better sleep for both of us, we’ve already got  Sophia so sleep is a premium already!! The first couple of nights Mrs D seemed to struggle with the pillow, I think the wanting to move in the middle of the night was the main issue, she wanted to turn but the pillow doesn’t allow for that to easily.  I’d find the pillow on the bedroom floor for the first few mornings, however since then its been good.  Mrs D seems more comfortable and sleeps right through with it.  There is definite improvement in her sleep and her pain, I certainly haven’t heard as many complaints about sore hips.  Going forward that must be a good sign, that and as Mrs D grows it will continue to support her.


Dreamgenii has been a hit!!  It’s really supported Mrs D and we’ve seen improvement in the pain and a reduction in restless nights.  We’d recommend it to anyone who is having similar issues.

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