Nervous Daddy


As I sit here fast approaching 25 weeks gone, this 2nd bundle of joy will be here and we’ll be a family of 4. There is a realisation that my 1st baby is no longer a baby and this toddler is going to face a real upheaval shortly.

As I stood in her room with mummy tonight and sang twinkle twinkle little star like we do every night it dawned on me that this will soon no longer be her room. Mrs D and I agreed a while back that we would move Sophia into the bigger room and get her a toddler bed and make real fuss of her before the arrival of player 2!! I loved the idea but it never actually hit me the effect it will have on her and me.

This room since we moved in last November has been hers, has been her sanctuary, her play room, her sleepy room, her place, our babies room.

I can’t wait to decorate and but up wall stickers, Peppa Pig and Frozen themes have both been branded about. There’s a real sense that my little girl is now not so little, she’s growing so quickly.

The plan is to have it all done soon so we can move her and get her settled into a proper bed before player 2 arrives so we don’t have 2 kids up in the middle of the night.

It’s making me nervous, why? Because I don’t know how she will react to all of this including the arrival of player 2. She’s been our everything for nearly 2 years now and has always had our undivided attention. Now she will have to share and in a way that makes me sad. Sad because I love that I get to spend all my attention solely on her. It’s makes me happy too, happy because I can’t wait to share our lives with and other child and can’t wait to see Sophia grow up with a little brother or sister.

As I sit and write this I realise that Sophia will be fine with this all, maybe a little readjustment, however on the whole totally fine. It’s me I’m worried about!! I’m an emotional wreck at the best of times, one thing is for sure, I’m excited about what the future holds!!!

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