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So last Friday was my monthly visit to the hairdressers, I go every 4 weeks, for me I like a short back and sides. Pretty conventional I know but that’s just me, each to their own right. 

As I sat there I realised that this infact was more than just a visit to the hairdresser. This was a visit to alone time!! It’s the one occasion where I go to do something on my own for me by me by myself!! I also realised I actually really love going, my hairdresser is great and she has similar interests and is a similar age so we have lots to talk about. It also involves grownup conversation. It’s that 1 hour in the month where I escape from everything and everyone!!!

Now, this might sound somewhat selfish and perhaps a bit nasty considering it may be taken that I want to get away from my wife and child!!! It’s not that at all, I think everyone needs that moment to themselves and it’s not even that, it’s actually more the fact I’m getting something for me. I put my heart and soul into being as good a parent as possible and it’s almost like a reward!! 

I’m sure we all have our vices, this is mine. I try to play golf as much a skis single but that involves other people, so doesn’t count. So the countdown is on for the next appointment!!!

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