21 Week Scan and the journey ahead!


So we were back again this week, to get the heart checked as baby wasn’t sitting still for long enough last time plus the arms were creating a shadow!!

I feel I’m getting somewhat familiar with our hospital now, today was our 4th scan of the pregnancy and I feel I suffer from first baby dad syndrome (something I’ve just made up, where by because you’ve had 1 baby you think you know it all and you know how it all works at the hospital, during pregnancy and at birth) I’m not a smart arse but I do sometimes feel like I know what’s going on!!

Anyway, we head down the corridors and into the waiting area and for a change we pick different seats to sit at while we wait for our name to called, it almost feels like you’re at a deli waiting for your number to be called, in our hospital there really isn’t a warm fuzzy, ooh babies feel to it but it serves the purpose.

For a change our names are called rather quickly and we’re into the dark room, Mrs D is up on the table and the machine is on!! The sonographer is all over it, moving quickly and to the point, the heart. Yes we can all see it, however baby is lying still!! Great, this time it’s too still, last time moving to much and this time face planted in the sleep position. Mrs D is back on her feet jumping up and down, back on the table, twisting from one side to the other, there’s talk of having to go away and have a sugary drink before returning to try again. However at the final moment baby turns enough for the job to be done, boom, healthy heart!! Happy days, that completes the 20 week scan and we’re free to go. One of the quickest visits yet, I could get used to that.

This afternoon Mrs D has an appointment with the midwife, it’s all go today. The report I get is all went well. Heard the heart beat, the pee was good and everything was happy and healthy. That’s good news, what of the consultant appointment? Well, now here we go!!! So we’ve got a clinic appointment on the 22nd of July, then another scan at 28 weeks and then another scan at 32 and then back to the midwife at 34 weeks!!! Wow, that’s a lot more than last time!!!!!

I’m happy in many ways as I’m hoping this will mean that we’re and when I say we I mean the hospital are going to be better prepared this time!! Last time Mes D suffered from PPH (Post Partum Haemorrhage) Unfortunately there was a lot of drama last time, a lot of lost blood and I almost lost Mrs D entirely so I really don’t want to go through again. Therefore I’m hopeful these appointments and scan will enable us all to be better prepared!!

All in all a good day!! Everything is progressing like it should be. We’ll be 22 weeks on Friday so another 6 weeks and it’s back for a scan and only a couple of weeks until the clinic where I hope we can discuss a more practical birthing plan!! It’s still a long journey ahead and we take nothing for granted but it’s small positive steps right now and that’s all we can ask for.

Updates to follow……

I should mention, the haematoma is gone!! Yahoo and goodbye!!

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