20 Week Scan…..what of the haematoma


IMG_5094It’s a normal day, nothing different, its the run of the midweek day at work!!  We do however have the 20 week scan, a trip to the hospital where, yes there is a lot of waiting around, we get to see player 2 and how the haematoma is coming along.

Am I nervous, well, yes and no, its one of those where you are feeling ok about it and you’re feeling more confident than the 12 week scan but you’ve still got that little doubt in the back of your mind.  A bit like the scratch you cant reach, that niggle.  There are still the what if questions to be asked and answered.  My confidence is higher though, Mrs D hasn’t had any signs of the haematoma for a few weeks so it has to be good new right??  One thing was sure though, for me, you cant fault the NHS Staff, everywhere you look its a conveyor belt of parents to be sitting waiting, some more anxious than other but there is a steady flow, all day!!  The staff are always as kind and caring as if you were the first person of the day or indeed the only 1 in the world.  I know we can all have a gripe about the NHS and don’t get me wrong I include myself in that, however when it comes to this I feel they really are on top of their game.  They don’t get the credit they deserve, anyway that’s a story for another day.

Our turn comes, the room is dark, the machines are waiting.  Mrs D hops up onto the bed and prepares for the cold sensation of the gel hitting her tummy ‘ooh its warm today’ a new feeling!!!  So we get the usual run down of what today will entail and what checks will be carried out (in my head I’m just thinking, lets get on with it so I can see if this haematoma as gone, I was assuming that player 2 was fit and healthy much like week 12) Game time, up it pops, player 2 in all their glory.  We start the checks but it quickly becomes apparent that player 2 is a jumper, much like their older sister, both are bouncing around in mummies tummy, its going to be a long appointment.  However we get there, the checks are being ticked off, kidneys are fine, brain is fine, we’ll need to come back to the legs, the arms are fine, the legs are fine.  Final check the heart, try as she might the poor sonographer couldn’t get baby to sit still and when she did it baby was in such a position it was creating a shadow so the checks that needed to be done couldn’t be.  We’ll need to come back next week to finish the checks, no problem we fully understand. ‘so you can get dressed’ hold on the haematoma??? Like we discussed at the beginning??  Wait, will she remember, yes , here we go……’the haematoma, I forgot, lay back down and we’ll check’  So its still there (sad smiley) but its reduced greatly (happy smiley), we got it measured and it was quite noticeable even for me who cant make anything out on screen that the size had reduced.  Great news, whether this was down to it absorbing back in to the body or the baby forcing it to shrink or both I’m not sure but in the end who cares.  All I know is its smaller.  Mrs D get dressed and we make our appointment for next week and we’re gone.  This sounds like a quick turnaround but you’re looking me leaving work at 09.30 and returning around 12.  These appointment times never seem to run time.

For me it was a huge relief, for the first time in this pregnancy I really felt confident, I felt like I should, like you want to shout it from the roof tops!!!  the proud feeling that you know you’re going to be a father, that a baby is on its way.  I know we have a long way to go and if the birth is anything like last time then we’ve got a long long way to go.  For now, in the moment I’m delighted, a weight is off my shoulders, so stress relief.   I make that sound like I’m a big stress ball but I’m not, I’m quite relaxed about the whole thing really, I was just worried about Mrs D more than anything.  I was fully confident that player 2 would be a strong healthy bean!!!!

So we have a scan next week to check the heart, Mrs D has an appointment with the local midwife for a check up and we’re still waiting for the appointment card to meet the consultant to discuss the birth.

All in all its been a good week and as of today that’s Mrs D 21 weeks so we’re into the teens already!!  November will be here before we know, sometimes I need to pinch myself!!!  I’m loving every minute.

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