Where’s the baby…..


As we enter our 21st week of pregnancy Mrs D is starting to show more and we are trying to involve Sophia a bit more.  At 21 months I’m not sure how much she fully understands what’s going on, however we’ve decided its good for her to be involved as much as possible and will continue until the baby arrives.  There is a downside to all of this (from a selfish point of view)

So we’ve been teaching Sophia where the baby is:

Mummy “where’s the baby?”

Sophia “baby” then points a mummies tummy.

Mummy “where’s the baby?”

Sophia point’s a daddies tummy

mmhh, ok you’re not going to get it right all the time!!

Mummy “Sophia, can you kiss the baby?”

Sophia “baby” runs over to Mrs D and kisses the bump

Sweet right?

Daddy “Sophia, can you kiss the baby?”

Sophia runs to daddies tummy and kisses it!!

Mmhh again.  I’m starting to get a complex, I’m a 14st 10lb kind of guy and appreciate its not all apparent muscle and ripped torso, there maybe a layer of fat to cut through before you find that beach body!!!  However if you have read any of my blogs you’ll know I like to go running, hold on, re-phrase, I force myself to go out 2-3 times a week as exercise!!  So I’m not grossly unfit but yes like most guys I enjoy a drink and the odd bad meal so its not going to be all healthy eating all of the time.

I love getting Sophia involved with this journey we are on with the arrival of player 2, I think it’s important.  We don’t want her to feel left out and certainly not feel like she’s not important in our live just because there will be a new arrival.

I am however laughing that daddy has a baby in his tummy, this little girl is giving daddy a complex hahaha.  The whole reason for the running and early morning exercise is to try and get fitter before the next baby arrives as I have a feeling I’ll be running around like a headless chicken.  Plus when the time comes I don’t want to be the fat dad sports day if I need to run in the dad race!!!

This is not a moan about my daughter kissing and pointing at my belly thinking there is a baby in it, in fact just the opposite, I love she is learning and taking onboard what we’re trying to tell and show her.  If anything it brings laughter into the house and lightens the mood at the right time!!

I love my daughter and things she does, she is a motivator as well has a belly kisser!!!

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