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So this week has been a holiday week for us, a welcomed break for both Mrs D and myself.  Work has been busy and stressful for me and Mrs D has been very tired and also busy at work.  The weeks holiday promised to be something of adventure, good weather and forgetting about the monotony of the normal rat race!!!

However the week started with tremendous rain and as I write this on the Friday its still pouring down, it really hasn’t stopped all week unfortunately.  Although this doesn’t stop all activities it does hamper some of the things we wanted to do.  The imagination had run wild before holidays, I’d dreamt of walks with the dog and Sophia, getting vitamin D and firing up the BBQ every night.  Alas the usual Scottish/British weather has struck again, rain, rain, rain, flood warnings and more rain!!!!  Wow that dampens the mood, but not feeling defeated.

Monday, was nice to have lie in, I certainly didn’t miss the 4.45 alarm haha.  Today was Grans birthday, plus it was the day we were going to Edinburgh for a trip to the zoo!!  It was actually a very warm day and by the time we got to lunch with Gran and Grandpa we were basking in sunshine.  We had a great family lunch and Sophia was as good as gold.  Lets get the car started and head to Edinburgh, the plan was to drive down in the afternoon so Sophia could get her usual afternoon nap but in the car instead of the cot!!  This worked a treat and 2 hours later we’d arrived at our destination, time to check in to the hotel.  The hotel its self is a whole different story, what a disappointment, never mind its right beside the zoo and serves the purpose of what we require.  So we had dinner and headed to bed, Mrs D the most excited about the zoo tomorrow, she really does love a zoo!!!!








Tuesday, feels like I’ve been on a big night out, one like back in my late teens/early twenties, worst sleep ever!!!!  Sophia normally goes to bed 7.30ish and gets up around 7.30-8 so a good 12 hours every night and has done since early on (we know how lucky we are).  However, she went to ebd around 8 in the travel cot, still talking to herself at 10pm, we took her out and in to the bed with us (something we’ve never done before) still talking to herself at midnight but has been rolling around asleep on and off.  All has gone quiet when she rolls off the bed, big tears and crying!!!  By now its 1.30 in the morning, back into bed and she falls asleep in my arms, success!!!  1.45 I put her back into to the cot, sleep, until 7am anyway, 5 hours sleep!!!!  Safe to say we wont be firing on all cylinders today.  However, up washed and dressed ready for the zoo.  Breakfast is consumed and the excitement building (again Mrs D more excited than anyone else), of to the zoo we go.  Which may I add is across the car park of the hotel, one of the benefits of staying at this hotel.  The weather is dull and overcast, the rain is coming!!!  We’re in, Mrs D has the map and already devised a plan for our journey around the zoo, the big highlight being the pandas at 10.15!!  Penguins, monkeys, lions, tigers, zebras, rhino, more monkeys, pandas and more monkeys.  We have lunch in the zoo, the usual over priced, under cooked average meal you’d expect at this type of establishment.  None the less, Sophia loved the lions, hearing them roar was a highlight, Mrs D enjoys the pandas and I have a soft spot for the penguins.  All in all a good day, even with the lack of sleep, back in the car to head home, Sophia closes the eyes for another nap!!













Wednesday, its Grandma birthday today!! So her favourite thing is afternoon tea, we’re booked to go to a hotel in our local area for sandwiches and tea!! We were up bright and early has I had a hair appointment and we were all heading into town for a look around before going round to Grandmas before heading for afternoon tea.  Nothing in town really caught our eye but then we didn’t know what we were looking for.  We did have a look at a couple of beds for Sophia and a new cot for player 2”s arrival.  Sophia is being a bit of monkey, everything is either ‘no’ or ‘mine’ a very single minded young lady at present.  Anyway great afternoon with Grandma and Pops and fun had by all.  Grandma loved her afternoon tea, I enjoyed a couple of beers and Sophia loved running riot through the hotel.  Was nice to have some family time.  The weather though still pouring with rain!!!














Thursday, still raining.  A quiet day in the house, we did pop out for lunch but nothing else for it but to have fun in the house!!  We built a den, watched Frozen (for the umpteenth time)  Was good.

Friday, today was meant to be a golf day for me.  Raising money for MacMillan, its 72 holes in 1 day, unfortunately the weather has hit again and the course is closed, water logged.  So its a day at home again, only trip we had to make was the vets.  Dodo hasn’t been well this week and its been a few trips to the vet along with blood samples but he’s on the mend which is great.

I think what I’ve taken from this week is the plans we had and the actual things we did.  Its funny how when on holiday we plan to do so much and cram so much in that by the time we’re at the end its like we need another holiday just to get over the break.  I’m glad the weather was bad, it cancelled out a lot of the plans and let us enjoy time at home.  I really cherished the time at home with my girls, the fact we a couple of days doing nothing was great, although Sophia has been tricky this week it was just nice watching her day to day and see how she reacts to things.  As we don’t get to see her during the day it was amazing to see what she gets up to.  There’s nothing more important in the world than  family and its great to just spend time doing nothing  but enjoying each others company.  We all live busy lives so its nice to stop and take stock.  Cherish the moment, enjoy the moment.




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