Bump Across the Nation


As I go through this journey of fatherhood with all the other dads out there I noticed something quite amusing last weekend, something that I think is happening all the time, all around us, I’d just never noticed before!! 

The man gut!!! The belly!! The bump!!! Out little haven where it’s actually easier to rest our child on it as support whilst carrying them.

Last Sunday we’d gone out for lunch and then an ice cream, what a beautiful day it was, the sun shining and not a cloud in the sky. To deviate slightly, Royal Deeside is one of the most beautiful places to live in this country when you get weather like that. Anyway back to the story, we’d had lunch, had taken a walk round the village and then time for ice cream. Now Mrs D had been looking forward to the ice cream for a couple of months, ever since we discovered player 2 was entering the game the requirement/demand for a large whippy ice cream had grown week in week. Here it was the moment she was waiting for, her eyes had a little sparkle in them that I hadn’t seen in them since we made player 2 hahaha!! So, there we were sitting on a bench having an ice cream, Sophia sharing mummy and daddy’s, when along come another family, and idea. Nice day, ice cream time!! The lady took a seat on the bench and like me the man had decided to stand. Then another a family came, no room in the bench this time, the lady sits on a step along with a the dad. So at this point we’ve got 5 children and 6 adults all enjoying the sun and ice cream. As I sit there enjoying the sun and ice cream I suddenly start to notice it, all the men are of similar ages and all of similar stature, the one thing we have in common, a belly!!! Yup, we’ve all got that muffin top. 

I think when you are preparing for a babies arrival and after the birth it’s all about nesting!! Everything goes out the window, you’re so focused on looking after this new person there isn’t anytime for exercise. Maybe it’s just me but I neglected me!! It’s just human nature, for me anyway it was. 

Now that player 2 is coming I am trying to get fit, be better, be prepared for the second arrival. I’ll have my work cut out. Don’t get me wrong I’ll never be a pure athlete, rock hard abs, definition and hitting the gym everyday. All I’m looking for is some sort of decent level of fitness. Hence the running a couple of times a week. I don’t want to end up a few years down the road and be the fat dad who can’t run at sports day or go to the park and kick about with a ball. That’s just me, my opinion and my goals.

To me it was funny that there I was standing in a little village and I’ve never noticed the bulge in every man!! It really is the battle of the bulge and I’m sure on the whole we’re all the same. 

So, I’ll keep going with the running and HIIT and hopefully by the time player 2 arrives I’ll be ready. Plus I’ll keep going once player 2 has arrived, I might not have the routine I have now but as long as I’m doing something once a week then I’ll be happy. 

Keep it going everyone!!!!! 

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