Keeping Fit Update PT3


So Tuesday I headed out for the first run of the week, this had been my first time since last Wednesday!!  I had been in a good groove of 3 times a week and was building pace, rhythm and distance however I only manged the once last week due to one reason or another so I was wondering how I’d fare this morning.  As it turns out not that bad.

The alarm went off and it wasn’t too bad, I had a couple of minutes before I got up but in general it was ok.  I think due to the warm weather we’re having it’s been hot in the house and I hadn’t been sleeping well anyway so I was wide awake.  Gym stuff on ( still call it gym stuff even though I’ve not been to gym in a bout a year), creep out the bedroom, creep down the stairs, shoes on and out the door!!!  The biggest challenge is getting out the door without waking a family member and I include the dog in that!!

Warm-up done and off I go, nice start, nice pace, not feeling too bad and not breathing as heavily as first thought!!!  I do the same circuit every morning as I know ho long it is and its good for ending back at the house.  I was going quite well……I hit a hill in the last 1.5k (well when I say hill, incline, well when I say incline the road does go up approx. 130m which to me, may as well be like trying to ascend Everest)  The pace slowed but perseverance is the key and I pushed on, home straight in sight but I found a second wind and thought lets just push it a little, so with ended up doing slightly further than normal but felt good about it!!

Now, this week I thought I needed to introduce something new to the routine so I thought I’ll add in a couple of HIIT sessions, The Body Coach has a good beginners  video on his YouTube channel so I thought lets throw this in the mix and lets burn some fat!!!!  Well Wednesday morning I got up and powered into this with all the gusto I have at that time in the morning……..well what a difference there is from running 5-6k and doing bursts of high intensity!!!!  To say I was breathing out of my backside was an understatement, I had to rest slightly longer in-between bursts to catch my breath but I tried as hard as I could whilst doing it, it wasn’t great but I was trying.  On the funny side by 11 am, I was starting to feel my hamstrings and quads and parts of my body I didn’t realize existed, then the pain came, by the time it came to leave work I was walking a little like John Wayne!!!  To top that I was driving home and sneezed, I almost cried, my abs, hiding under my muffin top, the pain, that moment hit me wow that hurt hahaha, I couldn’t stop laughing all the way home about it, got home and told Mrs D, lifting Sophia was somewhat of a struggle haha.

Thursday, this was meant to be second run day, however when I woke from what might’ve been my best sleep in about 4 years I could barley lift a leg, the stiffness, the pain the all over feeling that my body had been hit by a train!!!  Nope, not today, 30 mins more in be and off to work.  I loosened up a little over the day but was still feeling it.  What will tomorrow morning bring, will I feel the same?  Will I feel up to exercise?  Lets see!!

Friday, now the plan for the week was run Tuesday, HIIT Wednesday, run Thursday and HIIT Friday, change of plans, Friday was a run day.  The body was still feeling a little fragile but no I got up, I needed to, the run would help in the long run, I knew it would, it was convincing the mind.  You see many posts, tweets, saying about the body and the mind and its all true, the body will get through it, its just a matter of telling your mind you can do it.  Anyway, I’m up and off, feeling stiff but lets go.  1k not bad pace, 2k quicker than normal, 3k the legs are starting to feel it but the pace remains, 4k legs are on fire and the pace slows but not to walking pace may I add, 5k legs, what legs? hahaha, was a long last .32k home!!  I’m home and I’m feeling ok.  Take the dog out for walk as I usually do to cool down and stretch the legs, not bad.  Into the shower and off to work.  Now I am still feeling stiff as I write this but I feel ok. Proud of myself for getting up and going.

What’s the plans next, well I’m on holiday next week but before that I’ve got golf tonight!!!!  Yes a 4 hour walk chasing a little white ball for 7000 yards, there’s my warm down hahaha.  After this the plan is to enjoy my weekend, maybe bbq, have a couple of beers and relax.  The issue I have with holidays, always when I’m not in the daily routine of work the wheels come off, I enjoy life a bit too much, the exercise slips the snacks increase.  I’m not alone, we all do it, well maybe not us all but you know what I mean.  However I feel determined, Monday the plan is to run and after that I’m not sure.  We’re going away for a night and a couple of our parents birthdays to celebrate so there will be cake!!!  I’d like to do another HIIT otherwise it’ll be as bad as this week if I leave it for any length of time.  So the hope is to for 1 HIIT and 2 runs whilst on holiday, essentially a normal week in the life of me.  Lets see, I feel determined as I write this but plans change right, I know where the Nutella is hiding in the house haha.

So that’s me for the fitness update, oh I should mention I lost 2lbs this week so it was all worth it, winking emoji as the kids would say!!!  I’ll probably update in a couple of weeks once I’ve had my holiday and had a week of being back in the swing of things.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and sticks to the plan, mine is everything in moderation!!


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