Keeping Fit Update Week 2


Progress, every little bit further is something to be happy about. #fitness #running #upearlytotrain 

While it might not be exactly a million miles I’m going, it’s about progress and the journey I’m on. Little by little I’ll keep pushing myself. It’s early starts but I actually quite like getting up and going out, I’m feeling fresher and more awake. Did have a massive sleepy moment though when leaving the house, was setting up the phone for the run when tired hands dropped it!!!! Got a small crack at the bottom, gutted as I’m usually so careful with my phone. It’s not bad but just annoying that I did it. Every morning I’m making a smoothie as well, I’m finding a real like for mango, banana, raspberry with a splash of maple syrup, a helping of chia seeds, top up of water and blitz in the nutribullet! It’s tasty and keeps me full, saves me from snacking on rubbish during the morning. It’s all about the little changes in life and they soon mount up to larger changes.

Updates to follow!!!!! 

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