Pushing Boundaries 


I’ve found over the last couple of weeks Sophia is making strides in her development and more specifically how to push my buttons!! Not that she’s really pushing my buttons but more she’s seeing how far she can take things. Her favourite trick just now is to throw things!! Whether this is her cuddly toys from the top of the stairs or food from her highchair or something else, it’s the look, that look you get before its about to happen and then again straight after. The devilment look of “I’m away to throw this and I know I probably shouldn’t but I think it’ll be funny to do it anyway” then as quick as you like it’s gone!!! Now the food, although I’m not happy, I’m ok with as the dog clears it up and he’s happy if not a couple of pounds heavier haha!! Then once the throw has happened there is this Dr. Evil laugh as “that’s really funny, I know shouldn’t have but I think it’s hilarious and no one really seems to care” Now some days I don’t mind and other days it bugs me, some days I need to look the other way so she doesn’t see me laugh and like meowing Mrs D, other days we try to ask her not to do it, although only 19 months old she knows already when something is a little bit naughty but it’s difficult to say no and difficult to give a little one into trouble as they haven’t reached that understanding of “getting into trouble” yet. I believe patience and perseverance is the key, it’s a stage but she’ll move on and grow throug, as a parent we just need to try and guide them and like most things for us anyway is to close our eyes and hope for the best, well you know what I mean, you’re never going to get everything right all of the time, especially when it’s your first kid. Sophia is doing a great job at growing up herself and can be so selfless at times so Mrs D and I must be doing something right!!! 

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