Feeling Useless


So as a follow on from my hospital visit lost, we had to go back to the doctors today as Sophia wasn’t getting any better. The poor girl was just crying and coughing all the time, not interested in food and her breathing has been so erratic!!! We’ve been given antibiotics so I’m hopefully we’ll soon be on the road to recovery!! As a parent though you feel so useless 😢 Mrs D and myself have just wanted to take away her pain but there’s nothing we can do, we just feel so bad for her. I think in my early stages as a parent this part of parenting is one of the hardest. It’s so hard to watch someone you love so much to suffer, regardless the circumstances or condition, I guess that’s humanity!! Maybe it gets easier as they get older and we adapt to parenthood, maybe not but I think it will always be there, that feeling of sadness that you can’t do anything. I’m sure over the next couple of days she’ll be back to her little miss independent self. All that said its amazing how quickly they bounce back from illness!!!!

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