Pops is a soft touch


Just lately Sophia has taken to putting a cushion on the floor and pretending to sleep!! I’m not sure if she’s picked it from nursery or not as she’s away to move into the ‘big girls room’ and they sleep on mats. She’s been in for a few crossover days so perhaps that’s what they do to help them sleep. Whatever the reasons, she’s being doing it for a couple of weeks now. We’re on holiday just now and my parents are with us, it appears pops is the soft touch!! If it would let me upload the photo then I would!! I just wonder what this means at the moment? Does it mean anything? Is it just a phase? There doesn’t seem to be a pattern to it and it’s not because she’s actually tired. I guess in her head it’s just a game she’s playing with the grow ups! It get us down to her level and let’s her see she can boss us about haha!!


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