Mummy v Daddy


Maybe not as drastic as the title suggest but Sophia has a bad cough at the moment and about 10.15 last night we could hear her barking away in her cot. We left it for a little bit to see if she’d settle back down and fall back a sleep. Now Mrs D wasn’t hugely concerned, not nice for Sophia but knew she’d be ok. As for me, and it could just be me and no other person out there, I was outside her door listening for breathing and making sure she’d not choked!! As drastic as that sounds I know, it just seems I’m a bit of a panic merchant!!! Sophia continued to cough so I went in and gave her some cough syrup and have her a quick cuddle. She still coughed for a little bit but soon fell asleep. She had a fairly restless night but she’s got a cold and some teeth are coming through. Let’s hope for a better day today!! I just think it’s funny how from a male perspective we (or at least me) is more anxious with things like this, it’s maybe the maternal instinct from the mum which allows them to be more relaxed I don’t know. It’s these subtle differences which make us human I guess.
Happy Hump day everyone!!!

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