Go the F**k to Sleep


So in general I don’t swear that much in my blogs or social media posts, not sure why as I swear like a trooper outwith the blogging world haha!!!  I have to say this is one time when I could swear, why won’t you go the fuck to sleep!!  This is is said in jest and in relation to the book Go the Fuck to Sleep by Adam Mansbach. Sophia since 7 weeks old has been what I would describe…

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Goodbye Old Friend

So its been sometime since I wrote a blog and there is so much to write about!!  Its been so long I’ve not even managed to tell you about the birth and the arrival of Oscar (which was back in November), I feel too…


The Big Build Up

We’re nearly 2 weeks post birth and I am struggling to find time to blog, I don’t know how these other bloggers manage, they are my heros, their commitment and dedication is great to see and I wish I was more like them. However…


Week 38 Update

So last Friday was week 38 for us and another visit to the hospital!  There is something quite comforting about this ritual now, I am also missing the weeks we don’t go.  Perhaps a sign that these visits need to come to an end…


Surprise Week 37 Update

So we hit the 37 week mark on Friday and the big day is getting closer day by day. In fact we’re now on high alert as could be any day now. Now we were scheduled for week 36 and then week 38, however…